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Mortgage FAQ's

Why use a mortgage broker? What is my mortgage rate?  First Time Buyer Info?

Debt Consolidation or Refinance?

Commercial Mortgage Financing questions?

Private Mortgage Investment Opportunities

How can I earn 6-12 % returns on secured mortgage investments?

Burnaby A-List Finalists

The Team of Francine Tracey and Steven Cheng have been voted to the Burnaby News Leader A-list by its readership. This professional team combine licenses to offer residential mortgage services and commercial real estate sales and leasing. What better testimonial than an entire City’s vote? Click here for announcement that ran in the Burnaby Newsleader in November 2014.

Commercial Real Estate Listings

Our online commercial listing service which links to our e-newsletter marketing program ensures the best exposure for your commercial property listing and is an excellent service for buyers and tenants.

Builder/Renovations Contractor

If you are looking for a builder or contractor, for renovations or to build your home or commercial building, click here and contact us.  We will require a general description of the type of work you need to do, the zoning of the property (ie residential or Commercial), and your budget.  From there we can have our contractors contact you to give you a detailed estimate. 

Industry and Market News

Our own News blog and market commentary including economic reports, real estate industry stastistics, mortgage investment opportunities, commercial real estate investment opportunities and more...



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