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My investor is seeking mortgage or real estate investments in distress
August 8, 2012 @ 3:11 PM by:
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I have an investor with the following requirement:


Total available: $15,000,000


Minimum Investment:  $100,000


Type of Investment:  Mortgage or Real Estate, prefer distress situations


Type of property:  Residential, Commercial, Industrial


Areas:  Central GVRD, prefer Vancouver, Burnaby, and neighbouring cities.




What do we mean by Distress ?


Typically, the seller of the investment/asset  is looking to cash-out quickly.


Situations may include:


- Foreclosure

- Liquidity Issues

- Difficulty making payments

- Debt to Equity Ratios out of line

- Divorce

- Partnership dissolution

- Investor is in second place behind a large first mortgage

- Investor does not want to bother with the foreclosure process and wants to sell his mortgage

- The current investor wants to sell asset to make another higher return investment



We will look at any real estate transaction and also mortgage investments including existing first and second mortgages, or new first or second mortgages. 


Please call email or call me on cell


Francine Tracey


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