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Commercial Bond Yields and Bank Rates
November 2, 2012 @ 10:12 AM by:
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This just in from First National Financial: (includes comment):


Commercial Bond Yields


Canada Mortgage Bond

Canada Housing 12/15/17*:1.70%

Canada Housing 12/15/22*:2.36%

Canada Housing  6/15/23*:2.43%

* denotes interpolated rate


Select Government of Canada Bonds

CAN 4.00 06/01/17: 1.34%

CAN 2.75 06/01/22: 1.81%

GOC Bonds are for reference purposes only


First National Floating

Insured Cost of Funds



Bank Prime Rate



Bank Posted Rates

1 Year: 3.00%

2 Year: 3.14%

3 Year: 3.70%

4 Year: 4.64%

5 Year: 5.24%


Market Commentary:


It’s all about jobs today.  Both Canada and the U.S. released their October tallies.  Markets have been waiting for the numbers and bond yields are unchanged.


In the U.S. the economy added 171,000 jobs in October and hiring for the previous two months has been revised upward.  It paints a picture of a job market that is slowly gaining momentum.  The unemployment rate moved up one tick, to 7.9% in October as more Americans began looking for work.


In Canada hiring was flat and the unemployment rate remained unchanged at 7.4% in October.  A meager 1,800 jobs were added last month, compared to the 86,000 that had been created in the previous two months.  Most of the October hiring came in the public sector, as the private employers actually shed more than 20,000 workers.





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