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Economic News andů. Commercial Financing Options Extended
June 18, 2011 @ 4:18 PM by:
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For economic new please scroll down....In the meantime I am pleased to announce that I have extended my mortgage business to include commercial real estate brokerage through HQ Real Estate. 

This extension allows me to assist the more sophisticated land or property owner with a number of new financing options becoming ever more popular in the Vancouver marketplace.  A few of those options include Joint Venture relationships between builder and land owner, or limited partnership offerings for property developers to raise equity capital. 

Whether you are a mortgage broker, lender, client or friend, please do not hesitate to call me regarding any business venture that involves real estate and assistance with financing.  Full cooperation and referral fees paid to licensed professionals.  If you are a  lender, your client relationship will be completely respected and first right of refusal naturally granted. 

The following article by the Economist Magazine indicates that the global economy continues to show considerable uncertainty.  Canada, in the meantime, continues to enjoy a stable economy, being one of the only countries to emerge from the financial crisis virtually unscathed.  With economic ties to several emerging nations, no one global force has been able to bring us down.  In the meantime as interest rates remain low, we should be able to enjoy the benefits of managed slow growth while other countries suffer the symptoms of a continuing economic flu.  

…"This week we look at the slowing of the world economy. Is it, we ask,going through a sticky patch, or is it headed for meltdown? We reckon that the reasons for the recent dip in activity--the knock-on effects of the Japanese tsunami, the high oil price, tightening monetary policy in emerging markets--suggest that it should be only transient. But--and this is a big but--there is a real danger that political brinkmanship in both America (over the deficit) and Europe (over the euro crisis) may turn a
temporary hiccup into a big problem."|hig|06-16-2011|editors_highlights  …

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