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Conventional Mortgages and Lines of Credit

If you are financing 75% of the value of your property (25% downpayment or equity), we have a number of loan programs that offer business owners a stated income commercial loan at prices starting at fully discounted residential rates. These mortgages have more flexible product options, including Lines of Credit.

For professionals and business owners wishing to maximize their leverage on residential financing, at ANY time, Lines of Credit may be the best option.

Our All-In-One Mortgage allows you to pay down your first residential mortgage as rapidly as you wish. Each dollar you pay down on the mortgage represents an increase in the line of credit. This gives you maximum flexibility and leverage if you need to use that line of credit for business or investment purposes.

If you are a professional working in the finance industry, consider the line of credit product to make leveraged investments. Do you want to hear more about private financing? We are always on the look out for private mortgage investors.

Contact us to learn more about borrowing against your residence to lend money on secured investments on somebody else's residence. Private mortgage financing brings interest rates as high as 16% to the investor. If you borrow on your line of credit at 6%, pay taxes on the income you receive from the investment, and apply the rest of the interest income to the principal on your line of credit, you will have received the full value of your line of credit in 10 years time. That is doubling your secured investment in 10 years, AFTER TAXES. You would double your investment in 5-7 years BEFORE TAXES, depending on the interest rate.

Talk to us about arranging a secured private mortgage investment for you.

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