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Easy Commercial Loans


  • So you're a business owner and you are tired of contributing to the wealth of your landlord?
  • Perhaps your lease is up for renewal and you are considering investing in space with a more profitable future?
  • Perhaps your business is paying you a decent wage, but there is little left for retirement?
  • Perhaps you're starting up a brand new business and you really rather buy than lease?
  • Perhaps you already own the property that your business resides in and you are looking to cash out some of that equity to make another investment or to help grow your business?

Whether purchasing or looking to refinance commercial property we have answers for you:

  1. Best Rate Lender Partners
    You will find our approval process easier, our turn around time faster, and our documentation requirements lighter, than traditional bank lending.
  2. Best Options - Low documentation loans
    If your application doesn't quite meet bank standards, we will provide the solution to help you realize those dreams.
  3. Private Financing
    If you have maximized your first mortgage approval or you already have a first mortgage in place, and you are in need of more financing to complete the transaction, we can arrange a private second mortgage.

Commercial Mortgage Programs

Our Best Rate Lending Partners offer you Canada's broadest mortgage product line up backed by our knowledgeable team of mortgage experts. We will consult with you to analyze your needs and develop a customized proposal detailing your loan strategy.

CMHC Program
Our CMHC Program provides CMHC mortgages on multi-family residential properties throughout Canada. Often these loans are priced below the best rates offered by the major banks. Financings up to 85% of the value of the property are possible, providing that the cashflow coverage is adequate.

Conduit (CMBS) Program
Our Conduit Program offers funding up to 85% of the property value to a maximum of $40 Million. This program is ideal for properties including: multi-family, retirement homes, anchored and unanchored retail, industrial, office, hotels, self-storage facilities and manufactured home communities.

Small Loans Program
Our Small Loans Program provides conventional financing for up to 75% of the property value, at a maximum of $3 Million, and is ideal for properties such as: multi-family, storefront, retail, industrial and office.

Floating Rate Program
Our Floating Rate Program provides financing with a variable rate for up to 24 months. This program is ideal for clients who are looking for short-term financing to assist with construction, renovation or repositioning projects.

Construction Financing
Depending on the project, our Best Rate Lender program provides higher than market leverage based on loan to cost and loan to appraised value.

Interim Financing
is offered to borrowers who are looking to increase the value of their existing real estate properties on a short term basis prior to locking into a term loan.

Health Care Financing & Advisory Services
CMHC mortgage underwriters of health care facilities and a leading provider of merger and acquisition financial advisory services to the health care industry.


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